Energy Savings using is proud to announce the second-generation Smart Thermostat! This new and improved device will help you save your hard-earned money. The Smart Thermostat has been fine tuned in every dimension to ensure that your living experience is comfortable and hassle-free. Continue reading to learn about some of the ADC-T300’s new features!

What does the Smart Thermostat look like?

The Smart Thermostat  is easy to install, and it has a slimmer body to be less bulky and unsightly. This ensures that the Smart Thermostat is more likely to blend in with your decor while “flying under the radar.”

Complementary Monthly Reports

One new feature is complementary monthly reporting. This feature enables the Smart Thermostat to send you a monthly report regarding your home’s thermostat and heating system. This feature allows you to be informed of any potential issues and useful advice on ways to improve energy savings and control. 

Saving Money

Using the Smart Thermostat for your home or business will help you save money! It has features to set thermostat schedules, turn off the thermostat when the business is closed or you’re away from home, and more. These functions will ensure that your home or business atmosphere (and your wallet) is comfortable and stable.

The Smart Thermostat is revolutionizing the Thermostat industry. Contact a Circle9 representative today to get yours and start saving money!