Navigating Fire Detection, Life Safety and Building Code

As licensed professionals, we spend a lot of time making sure we provide our clients with the best possible solution to protect their property, loved ones, co-workers, assets, pets, and so on. Although there are code books from organizations like the National Fire Protection Association which get’s reviewed and accepted into law state to state, the codes are often subject to interpretation and enforced differently from city to city.

We take a proactive approach to system design and work with the local authorities having jurisdiction to ensure we not only meet code but exceed it to protect and serve our clients. This approach has proved invaluable many times over and we are very proud of our track record.

A perfect example of what we would consider a fire prevention success story in regards to support from a design and code perspective, educating the licensed professionals who work in the town and residence who reside there is Longmeadow Massachusetts Fire Department. Over the years we have worked with many departments and they are consistently in a league of their own raising the bar and saving lives because of it. Special thanks to Longmeadow Fire Departments Deputy Chief Gerald (Jay) Macsata who is always willing to help.