A new era of thieves – “Porch Pirates”

The holiday season is approaching and, unfortunately, so are porch pirates. These thieves steal packages right off your doorstep! Here at Circle9 Technologies, we value the security of both our clients and their belongings. Trusted Circle9 professionals will install top-of-the-line home security products to help deter these thieves from visiting your porch.

Here are some tips to help protect your purchases!

  • Be home when your package is delivered. This is the best way to avoid package theft. If you cannot be home when your package is delivered, try sending it to a friend’s house or your business. 
  • Install alarm/anti-theft protection. Contact a Circle9 representative to get started on installing a top-of-the-line security system to protect your family and your purchases. Our software can detect motion and notify you as soon as it happens. Alarms are also handy in deterring porch pirates, as they tend to spook them.
  • Know the mindset of a porch pirate. Former burglars have stated that the biggest deterrents are obvious cameras and loud barking dogs. We can help with the camera component – unfortunately, we do not sell dogs. 

Keep your belongings and your family safe from porch pirates this holiday season. Speak with a Circle9 representative today!